What Preparation Is Needed For UPVC Spraying?

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What preparation is needed For UPVC Spraying? Preparing assets for UPVC spraying is fairly simple. Essentially it depends on the asset you desire to have sprayed. This article will cover the preparation of UPVC spray painting.

Preparing the surface

It is mandatory that we clean the surface before applying spray paint. This is to ensure the spray paint sticks efficiently. Our team is trained to clean the asset with specially made cleaning products. The cleaning process is essential as many exterior assets will show signs of weathering. Traffic film, dirt and organic matter will only halt our work and cause the spray paint to not stick.

Once the desired surface is expertly cleaned, we move on to applying protection to the surrounding area. It is crucial the area is an open space, all the customer’s possessions and property are protected efficiently. Our team is advised to move any necessary objects. If the job is an exterior asset, masking tape will be applied to the surrounding area. Interior work is also masked off. Furthermore, thick sheets are applied to the surface and floors nearest to the asset.

If necessary, our sprayers will remove any fixings and handles. All fixings and handles are reinstalled with appropriate tools once the work is completed. We remove such items to ensure a flawless factory finish behind them. These particular steps are efficiently completed to ensure no time is wasted.

Spraying The Surface

Spray Painting will start once we are happy with the results of the cleaning and masking process. The specialist equipment we apply UPVC paint with is assembled and checked on site. Once the equipment is checked, our team is happy to start applying the desired spray paint.

To ensure an even flawless coat of UPVC spray paint, we take our time while applying our 3 coat system. The specialist paints applied to the surface are quick-drying. In order to ensure every coat is even, our experts will access the layer applied and analyse any areas that may need extra spraying.

Presentation And Detailing 

We perform comprehensive quality checks on all our work, anything we aren’t pleased with is analysed. Once our work is accessed, the professional team will apply paint to any areas that need extra detailing. Assuming that the customer finds any faults, the team will ensure these faults are dealt with efficiently on the same day as the work is completed.

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