Spray Painting Furniture And Fitted Wardrobes

Furniture and Fitted wardrobe spray painting

Spray painting furniture and fitted wardrobes are effortless. Having your outdated furniture spray painted can greatly modernise and enhance the interior of your home.

The aim of our outdated furniture work is to create a convincing finish that appears to have just been installed. Altru Page achieves great results by taking their time, our specialist team is advised to ensure all of our interior spraying work lives up to the 8-year guarantee provided.

Through years of experience and vast knowledge of the spray painting industry, we can achieve flawless results no matter the asset you desire to have sprayed. Our furniture and fitted wardrobe spraying services can be achieved in less than a day’s work.

Furniture Spraying 

We advise all of our customers not to try DIY options on outdated furniture, especially made out of wood. Roller and brush DIY will show the age of these assets considerably. Spark new life into old assets and rejuvenate your outdated furniture at a fraction of the cost to replace them with our service. Rejuvenate your furniture at minimal expense and minimal stress.

Spraying your outdated furniture is a creative and effortless way to streamline the house style of your home. Spraying furniture assets doesn’t just offer a fresh look, it offers long-term durability. Prolonging the life of your furniture.

Our furniture spraying can be completed on-site with minimal downtime. Altru Page expert team can apply 3 coats of our specialist spray paint to your furniture with ease. Our specialist paint is formulated to offer long-term durability to all types of interior assets no matter the size or material.

Fitted Wardrobes 

It is a far greater choice both for your home style and financial situation to have fitted wardrobes spray painted. To have a professional build a 3-section built-in wardrobe can shift in price depending on the material and desired size.

On average a fitted wardrobe can cost between £1800 – £3000, we don’t believe this price is justifiable when our spray paintwork can be finished within a day’s work. Spray painting is far cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying a new set of fitted wardrobes.

Our expert team uses a unique nozzle for our wardrobe spraying, this nozzle ensures that the paint dries evenly and efficiently no matter the size and material of the fitted wardrobe. All handles and fixings will be refitted with appropriate tools once our work is completed.

Colour And Finish Options

There are endless colour options available with furniture and fitted wardrobe spraying. No matter the size or material. We have gained great connections and understanding of the spray painting industry in our vast years of experience. Doing so has ensured we can offer our customers the colours they desire. No matter the modernisation you desire to make to the interior of your home, Altru Page can make it a reality.

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