Is Painting Windows Cheaper Than Replacement?

Upvc spray painted exterior windows

Is Painting Windows Cheaper Than Replacement? Having your UPVC windows spray painted professionally by us is up to 70% cheaper than replacement. The savings are as follows:

  • 50% savings versus UPVC replacement
  • 70% cheaper versus aluminium replacement

UPVC Savings

Our customers have saved an excessive amount of money, time and financial stress by having spray paint applied to their UPVC windows. To replace UPVC windows is an extortionate, intrusive and strenuous process. New coloured UPVC windows typically cost 15% to 25% over white UPVC windows.

In a majority of cases, you will require professional trades to replace UPVC windows, such as; plasterers, tilers, and renderers. Repairing UPVC windows if needed, and having them sprayed will help retain the character and charm of the building and will be a cheaper choice in the long run.

You will be given a limited choice of colours to choose from if you purchase new UPVC windows. Alternatively, if you have your UPVC windows sprayed, you’ll be able to pick from absolutely any colour. Multiple finish styles are available too, you decide which finish suits you best – from matte to glossy. If your white UPVC windows have yellowed or your black or grey windows have dulled and look old, spraying is the best and most affordable way to recolour.

Long Term Benefits 

By having your windows sprayed you can restore the look of your windows as if they are brand new. Our spray coatings provide a UV protective layer to your window frames, prolonging their life and vastly improving their looks.

Our spray coats are incredibly durable and hard-wearing to protect them from scuffs and scratches. It’s more than just cosmetic; this process bonds quartz particles between layers in order to make it harder for water molecules (which can lead to visible fungus growth) and dirt particles to adhere more stubbornly.

UPVC spraying can cost 65 to 75% less than UPVC replacement. Furthermore, homeowners who have their windows sprayed sell their homes for up to 5% more on average. Save money, time and add value to your property with minimal effort and spending.

Our Spray Painting Service

Altru Page window spraying services are designed to help our customers establish a modern, attractive curb appeal with minimal financial stress. Window spraying offers a guaranteed flawless finish. This is why we stamp all our exterior coatings with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring you can be confident about their durability for years to come. By choosing us, you will receive the highest-quality service and fantastic customer care. We’ll look after you.

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