Benefits To Spray Painting Cupboards Instead Of Vinyl Wraps

Consider Spray Painting Cupboards Over Vinyl Wraps

Many of our past customers have opted for cupboard vinyl wraps before learning of Altru Page’s cupboard spraying service. There are several benefits to spray painting your cupboards instead of vinyl wraps. Applying vinyl wraps to your cupboards is a short term solution. Here’s why you should consider spray painting cupboards instead of vinyl wraps

Cons To Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap will significantly show its age and develop dirt considerably. The vinyl wrap texture, consisting of rubber and plastic can gather moisture due to its thinness and texture. The thinness of the vinyl wrap will not help in preventing scratches and peeling. If not fitted properly your vinyl wrap assets could last less than 6 months.

Cupboards close to ovens and other high heat appliances wrapped in vinyl will become easily peeled and exposed. This is due to the quality of the glue the vinyl wrap will be applied with. If you plan to apply the vinyl wrap to cupboards with a gloss finish. It’s best to know that this can cause an orange peel effect, effectively meaning the glue can chemically alter the gloss finish causing the gloss to turn a distinctive orange colour.

Vinyl wrap cannot be repaired if scratched or torn, in most cases, the wrap will become weaker over time depending on its quality and placement.

Pros To Spray Painting 

Short term, you may be able to save money by applying the vinyl wrap. But overall the long term solution you should consider is spray painting. Spray painting is an investment that guarantees long term durability, flawless finish and limitless colour options. No matter the size or amount of cupboards you desire to have sprayed, Altru page can assure your desired cupboard rejuvenation is finished with a factory level finish.

Our team are specially trained to ensure the quality of our work is consistent, durable and most importantly worthy of our customer’s investment. Before applying our specialist paint to your cupboards, our team will clean and analyse the assets. This is to ensure any dirt or holes are properly handled. Any holes or faults found will be fixed before applying spray paint.

Spray painting eliminates the need for touch-ups. Our specialist equipment will spray every aspect of your cupboards evenly sprayed no matter the material. The specially designed paints create a unique bond to the material to ensure long term durability and resistance against fading.

Vinyl wrap manufacturers will charge more for the colour finish you desire depending on-trend or stock. Spray painting offers endless colour options and unique finishes, Altru page has a vast collection of colour charts for our customers to choose from. This includes the British standard range and the RAL colour range including 1500 colours.

We have gained mass connections and understanding of the spray painting industry in our years of experience. Doing so has ensured we can offer our customers the colours they desire. No matter the modernisation you desire to make to your property, Altru page can make it a reality.

We hope this article has highlighted why you should consider spraying painting cupboards instead of vinyl wraps. Follow the link below to contact Altru Page today and find out more about our cupboard spraying services.

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