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Benefits To Spray Painting Cupboards Instead Of Vinyl Wraps

Consider Spray Painting Cupboards Over Vinyl Wraps

Many of our past customers have opted for cupboard vinyl wraps before learning of Altru Page’s cupboard spraying service. There are several benefits to spray painting your cupboards instead of vinyl wraps. Applying vinyl wraps to your cupboards is a short term solution. Here’s why you should consider spray painting cupboards instead of vinyl wraps […]

Is Painting Windows Cheaper Than Replacement?

Upvc spray painted exterior windows

Is Painting Windows Cheaper Than Replacement? Having your UPVC windows spray painted professionally by us is up to 70% cheaper than replacement. The savings are as follows: 50% savings versus UPVC replacement 70% cheaper versus aluminium replacement UPVC Savings Our customers have saved an excessive amount of money, time and financial stress by having spray […]

The Costs Of UPVC Spraying

Costs of UPVC spraying affordable service

UPVC spray painting is an exceptionally competitive industry. Prices are determined by a company’s reputation, and experience. You may find a small start-up offering the cheapest prices, but their work is typically not the standard Altru Page can offer. You should always use a well-established service in the industry. The costs of UPVC spraying differ […]

The Benefits Of Spraying Instead Of Replacing

Spraying instead of replace benefits spray painting service

Altru page spray painting services offer a financial shortcut to creating the house style you desire. Our services are created to offer a long term solution to the exterior and interior improvements you desire with minimal downtime and cost. We achieve our prestigious results by applying our own specially developed paint. Solvent-based paint is essential […]

Are Roller Garage Doors Sprayable?

Roller garage door spraying services

Roller garage doors are sprayable, Altru Page has vast experience in spray painting roller garage doors of all material types, especially UPVC, metal, timber, and composite. Long Term Durability  A roller garage door is built to be used and expected to withstand everyday life, the same can’t be said for the paint quality the manufacturer […]

Spray Painting Furniture And Fitted Wardrobes

Furniture and Fitted wardrobe spray painting

Spray painting furniture and fitted wardrobes are effortless. Having your outdated furniture spray painted can greatly modernise and enhance the interior of your home. The aim of our outdated furniture work is to create a convincing finish that appears to have just been installed. Altru Page achieves great results by taking their time, our specialist […]

Kitchen Spraying Newcastle

Kitchen Spraying Newcastle

Considering An Exciting Kitchen Spraying Project in Newcastle? Altru Page will make your promising project a reality! We are specialists with ambition and undoubtful care for your assets. Our past Newcastle-based clients have offered us truly endless opportunities to highlight the professional flawless finish we stand for. Newcastle has a strong motivation and desire to […]

What Preparation Is Needed For UPVC Spraying?

commercial upvc spraying

What preparation is needed For UPVC Spraying? Preparing assets for UPVC spraying is fairly simple. Essentially it depends on the asset you desire to have sprayed. This article will cover the preparation of UPVC spray painting. Preparing the surface It is mandatory that we clean the surface before applying spray paint. This is to ensure […]