Are Roller Garage Doors Sprayable?

Roller garage door spraying services

Roller garage doors are sprayable, Altru Page has vast experience in spray painting roller garage doors of all material types, especially UPVC, metal, timber, and composite.

Long Term Durability 

A roller garage door is built to be used and expected to withstand everyday life, the same can’t be said for the paint quality the manufacturer has provided. Over time you may notice your roller garage doors paint flaking away and the colour fading considerably. D.I.Y options such as roller and brushes will not offer the level of quality or long term durability spray painting can guarantee. Considering garage doors are an exterior asset to your home, it’s always best to consider what effect environmental and weather changes can have on such a large asset.

Altru Page expert team can apply 3 coats of our specialist spray paint to your roller garage with ease. Our specialist paint is formulated to offer long term durability to all types of exterior assets no matter the size or material. All of our exterior work comes provided with a ten-year guarantee, a guarantee we have great confidence in offering through years of experience in the spray painting industry.

Colour And Finish Options 

Many of our past customers have enquired about having their roller garages painted the same colour as their spray-painted front doors and windows. This is a great way to keep the house style of your home’s exterior flowing, satisfactory and welcoming. When it comes to switching up your colour scheme it’s important to remember the impression and curb appeal of your home or business. It’s essential to look after the exterior of your home just as much as the interior

With the right colour and finish, your roller garage door will heighten your property’s curb appeal and offer long term durability with minimal cost. Long term modernisation of your property can be accomplished with no financial stress or prolonged downtime.

There are limitless colour options available when it comes to roller garage door spraying. No matter the size or material of your roller garage door. We have gained connections and understanding of the spray painting industry in our years of experience. Doing so has ensured we can offer our customers the colours they desire. No matter the modernisation you desire to make to your property, Altru Page can make it a reality.

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