Are Composite Doors Sprayable?

composite door sprayable service

Are composite doors sprayable? You may have a beautiful composite door and wish to change the colour of it but do not want to spend money on replacing it. Although composite doors are made of a mix of plastics and wood, you can still have them spray painted.

The key advantage of composite doors is their appearance. They are stronger, rigid, and look better than wooden doors. They can be used by classical or contemporary homeowners alike. This flexibility gives them a unique and versatile look and feel. They can be customized to suit the individual needs of any homeowner.

The most efficient way to customize a composite door is our door UPVC spraying services. Altru Page’s door spraying can be applied to doors made out of all materials. We have vast experience in spraying composite doors to any colour spray our customer desires.

Why Choose Spray Painting

Many of our customers have chosen to have their composite doors sprayed after noticing considerable fading in their original colour. It’s very common for composite doors to fade over time, this is dominantly caused by the quality of the paint provided by the manufacturer. Our specially made solvent-based paints provide a non-fading finish with long term durability. All of our UPVC door spraying services are provided with a 10-year guarantee.

D.I.Y options such as rollers and brushes will not offer the long term durability spray painting will achieve. Applying D.I.Y applications will cause air bubbles and brush marks to show significantly. Our specialist equipment prevents any flaws in our spraying, evenly coating your door with 3 coats of your chosen colour.

A smooth finish is essential. Spray painting is by far the most efficient way to achieve a smooth finish. Our expert team can apply spray paint to your door without having to remove it from its hinges. A majority of our UPVC door spraying has been achieved and completed within one day’s work. This can often mean your composite door will change colour in what can seem like a blink of an eye.

Financial Benefits To Composite Door Spraying 

Not everyone has the budget to completely replace their doors. If you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing your composite door, you can choose to spray paint it instead. Spray painting your composite door will save you a small fortune. Our service offers an investment service with prestigious long term durability and finish manufacturers cannot offer.

On average, a brand new composite door will cost you £700. Depending on the size, quantity and colour you desire, this price could skyrocket and become unrealistic financial stress. If your current composite door is fully functional then you should consider opting for spray painting, our service costs a fraction of the price to replace a composite door.

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